Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Thinking of hiring a carpet cleaner in the River Region area? There are many benefits of calling in the professionals to take care of your rugs and carpets in your home or business. Not only will your carpets be clean, but you will also be able to feel and notice the following advantages when you hire professional carpet cleaning services:

Back To School!

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Back to school is just around the corner! Are you finding little spots here and there your children left behind that you weren’t aware of and now they are set in? Give us a call and we can help you out.

Stains can ruin your carpets and upholstery. Stain removal experts give the following advice:

Be quick. The first step to dealing with a stain is to deal with it promptly. The longer the stain or

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

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Carpet cleaning is not rocket science. You might panic a little when you spill red wine or tomato sauce on your new carpet, but if you do a little Internet research, your carpet will look like new in no time. In many cases, all you have to do is pull a cleaning product out of your cabinet and follow the instructions. However, there are a handful of common carpet cleaning mistakes that you should do your best to avoid. In certain situations, you


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  • Your home will be left healthier and your family safer as the soils, bacteria and allergens are extracted out of your carpet into our machine.
  • Have comfort knowing you are safe in choosing the right method, most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction.
  • Your home won

Candle Wax On Your Carpet? We Can Help!

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Candle wax is the most common type of wax spilled on carpet, and one of the most difficult waxes to remove due to the high heat and coloring of the wax during the spill.

Other types of waxes that can find their way into textiles include those used in polishes, cosmetics, hobbies, cooking, and more


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Opening the phone book, or searching online, can be overwhelming when you


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Today there are thousands of various types of carpets you can choose to fill your home with. Some carpets have superior qualities and benefits that the others may be lacking. Wool and nylon type carpets are popular choices that pose both multiple advantages and disadvantages.

Wool is a natural fiber that comes from the coats of sheep usually from New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

Advantages of using wool carpet include it can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp. In warmer, humid conditions it absorbs some of the moisture in the air, making it feel cooler. Another advantage is wool


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With warmer weather finally here in most parts of the country, both homeowners and facility managers are considering having their carpets cleaned.

But there are several reasons carpets should be cleaned throughout the year, not just when warmer weather arrives.

Doug Berjer product manager for CFR (manufacturers of recycling portable carpet extractors), offers these top ten reasons to have carpets cleaned year round:

  1. Prolongs

Prevention Tips for Spills and Stickiness

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With many carpets being stain-resistant, treating and removing stains is only getting easier. However, no carpet will ever be completely stain proof. Follow our easy two steps for removing stains as soon as possible after a stain occurs for the best chance of removing it.

The first step is absorbing the spill. It is suggested that you use a plain, dry white cloth or paper towel. Prints and colored materials can bleed onto your wet carpet making the problem worse. To prevent spreading, start on the outside of the stain and work your way to the center. Make sure you do not use a brush or scrub the carpet to prevent fraying or changing the texture of your carpet. Once the spot is only damp, semisolids should be scooped up and solid, dried bits should be vacuumed up.

Secondly, you should treat the stain with carpet cleaning product. It is best to test the product on a hidden area of your carpet to make sure it does not change the color of the carpet. Work with a small amount of cleaner on a white cloth to work in to the center. Make sure you do not over do things when cleaning. Mix the solution as instructed and make sure you do not use too much water. You want to keep the carpet as dry as possible.

For more tips on carpet protection in your home, rely on Alabama Carpet Specialist. We can help keep your carpet beautiful. Don

How long will my carpets take to dry after they are steam cleaned?

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This is probably the most common question we get asked over the phone or at the job. Dry times can vary based on weather conditions, indoor environmental conditions and the composition of the carpet itself. A thin polyester carpet is going to dry faster on a hot summer day then a thick nylon cut pile will on a cold rainy winter day.

During the summer allow for factors such as humidity and rain showers (especially here in the South!). Whenever possible, leaving the A/C on and

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